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I love your comic and I want to give you a friendly heads up; European customers are getting their accounts flagged as fraudulent transactions when purchasing effectively anything via which is unfortunate so customers that buy this comic from you might get a text from their bank.

I just want to assure readers that it ISN'T the artist's fault that this is happening; simply doesn't have a European base of operations so when it takes money from your account it triggers this false-flag.


thanks for the heads up!


I found this comic for free on another site. I have the link if you want it. Sadly not sure if you can manage to get it removed tho :/

Deleted 3 years ago

I saw a short scene of this comic being shared around Facebook and I fell in love with the art style. I'm glad someone posted a link to this in the comments. I bought a copy about last week cuz I loved the cute story, characters and art! I'm sorry to hear about people sharing it for free, but I hope my little contribution of buying a copy helps ~

I hope this comic gets a continuation tho! I wanna know what happens next hahaha

thank you for your support! there will be more with these characters soon!

I found this comic on a free site and came here to purchase because I Love it and truly hope that you will make more LGBT comics like this one in the future. 



It really sucks that my comic i worked hard on ended up on some free site that I can't even find, but I appreciate that you went out of your way to support me!

I've got a sequel in the works that's much longer but it might end up physical release first just to prevent something like this from happening again

Fair enough, just send notifications when it comes out and I'll get in line to buy a copy :)


Just bought and read the comic-- I quite liked it!

It's always nice reading a sexy comic that has a lot of pages! 37 pages really made it feel like a completed one-shot and I think gave us just enough info about the two of them that the eventual sex scene felt really natural.

One thing I do wish was slightly different was the size of the images in the PDF. I only took me about two or three clicks before the images started getting blurry to the point of being noticeable and they made it so I couldn't enjoy any detail or check if I was reading something correctly.

In the future, I would suggest maybe just allowing those images to be larger? Just a thought! It's a real shame to have such beautiful lineart get blurry so fast, I was a little shocked!

Your style is wonderful and your layouts are fantastic-- super easy to pick up and read comic, thanks a ton for sharing!


thank you so much for the kinds words! i'm glad you liked it.

as for the size, i never know what a good size is for a PDF comic, I just ended up going with the size they would be if it was on a site which I've never had a problem with displaying properly before but PDFs always seem to get compressed or resized in some way that I have yet to figure out, I'll look into fixing this and making an update!


PDF's can be tricky like that! I make quite a few myself and are never quite sure where the right line is, but I usually like to let people zoom in at least 3 to 4 times and have it be not blurry just to help visually impaired folks!