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I'm sure it's been mentioned before; have you considered some type of print-on-demand fulfillment? There used to be a few indie comic pod services but I haven't looked in a few years. I'd love to buy these in print!

thanks! I'm planning on doing a preorder run of all the chapters in the future, I'm going to be launching my store with some stickers and small prints first before I tackle a bigger project like books. I'll post a link on my twitter when the store is live though!

More Please

So far I'm loving this series!

Scarlett is an entertaining and enjoyable protagonist to follow, with Edgar being a brilliant character that, as a 'nerd', I find extremely relatable in several ways! I also love the artstyle, including how the Guppies look!

I'm excited to see what happens in later chapters, and how Scarlett becomes a real superhero, as the story reminds me of Kick-Ass, my second favourite comic series, which I'm sure this can live up to, if not be better!

thanks so much! im still learning how to both draw comics and tell stories with each chapter, i hope you like where i take the story in the future!!

Really good!

Your writing and Art style reminds me of a  GO- NAGAI manga. Keep it up.

This is really awesome!