Delays and a General Update

Hey everyone, It's been a bit since this preview came out! I had written in the description on the page for this work that I was aiming to release the full graphic novel some time around Summer 2021 and it hit me quite early that I was NOT going to be meeting that deadline. As I was working on the comic and posting regular updates to it on my Patreon, I was feeling the work burning me out, which is funny considering the subject matter of this specific story. I was using so much energy to create good layouts that pushed my ability to create diverse and enjoyable pages and after hitting about 70 pages I put it on hold.

I have since been working on finishing The Red Muscle Chapter 8 which has been progressing very smoothly. I may still take a small break from Weekend With Yuka after Ch8 is complete to just try to tackle one of my many accumulating short comic ideas. I just want to give people a heads up that there will be a major delay on the release of the final comic. To hold you over, I'll toss in a few previews of rough pages that I've drawn and the redrawn cover for the final book. Thanks for reading and I hope you'll stick around to read the complete story when I get there!

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I really hope to see more of Yuka and Ren’s story in the future. It’s been so long since any major update. :’(

turns out drawing a whole graphic novel in full color by yourself while also having a normal job takes a long time! It should be done by november

my $5 patrons have been getting updates on the book and the whole thing can be read in sketch form from beginning to end, you can check it out here:

i love your art and i hope you continue drawing. im very excited for your next output. :)

thank you so much!